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    It is our aim at Oakgrove School to bring each individual to his/her full potential in a school atmosphere of harmony and shared community values.  All children are expected to arrive for school smartly dressed in the correct uniform.

    Nursery Uniform

    • Navy Blue sweatshirt with or without Oakgrove Primary School logo*
    • White polo shirt with or without Oakgrove Primary School logo*
    • Plain dark (black, grey or navy) comfortable bottoms – e.g. leggings, tracksuit bottoms

    Foundation through to Year 6

    • White polo shirt with Oakgrove Primary School logo*
    • Grey tailored trousers / skirt
    • Navy blue fleece with Oakgrove Primary School logo (optional)*
    • Plain black tights or white socks with skirts
    • Plain black socks with trousers
    • Sensible flat black shoes (no logos/branding, boots that exceed ankle height, trainers, trainer type shoes, canvas shoes/pumps or similar allowed)
    • Navy blue cardigan or sweatshirt with Oakgrove Primary School logo*

    Summer Uniform

    As above with the option of:

    • Navy blue checked summer dress
    • Grey school shorts

    Jewellery and Hair – Applicable to all year groups

    • Jewellery and make-up is not permitted with the exception of a watch
    • Children with pierced ears may wear one sleeper or stud in the lobe of each ear
    • Items of religious jewellery must be discussed with the Deputy Head or Headteacher
    • Hairstyles need to be appropriate for school. Extreme hairstyles are not permitted, these include:
      • Not too short, nor too long, a “number 2” is the minimum acceptable in terms of length;
      • Artwork on the scalp or eyebrows is regarded as a fashion extreme and is therefore not permitted;
      • Hair should be one tone;
      • Hair bands and head scarves should be strictly functional and navy blue, light blue, black or white.

    PE KIT – Applicable to all year groups

    • Navy blue shorts
    • Round necked plain white T shirt
    • Black plimsolls or suitable trainers
    • A plain navy or black tracksuit may be worn during the winter months for outdoor sports
    • Plain white /black socks

    No jewellery of any type may be worn in PE or Games.

    Clothing Supplier


    John Lewis

    John Lewis is the named outfitters.

    * Items marked with an asterisk must be purchased from John Lewis via the link above.

    Additional Items (compulsory)

    • Book bag with school logo (can be purchased from John Lewis)
    • PE drawstring bag in plain navy blue fabric

    Additional Items (optional)

    • Water bottles

    We appreciate parents’ support in ensuring children arrive at school smartly dressed in their appropriate school uniform.