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    Useful websites

    www.ucas.comContains details of all UK Higher Education Institutions and courses. Links to “Apply” the online application service. This is the vital starting point and links to loads of useful information.

    www.unistats.comGives info on teaching quality and student satisfaction at institutions and on particular courses. and advice for young people.

    www.icould.comInformation and ideas on career choice or career change. statistics of recent graduates and information on what you can do with your degree. guide to UK universities, student life, gap years, open days and finance. and information with locating university courses.

    www.successatschool.orgHelp in choosing your next steps place to find apprenticeships that may be on offer in your area. on your options if you decide that university is not the place for you.

    Finance about applying for finance. Students and parents can register interest on line and be kept up to date by email. on scholarships which students may be able to apply for.

    Gap Year

    www.yearoutgroup.orgDetails on a wide range of gap year options.

    www.ivsgb.orgDetails about a year in Industry and student placements.

    www.bunac.orgInformation on working, volunteering and teaching jobs abroad. on working in an American summer camp.

    www.gapyear.comInformation on back packing, volunteering and travel mates.

    Study Abroad

    www.studylink.comInformation on studying abroad. on studying in the USA, including SAT tests.