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    Learning About Senses and Superhero Activites

    Year 1 have enjoyed learning about senses this half term and had a taste test of different foods to determine whether they are salty, sweet, bitter or sour (photos below).

    We have also been learning about Supertato and have been learning, practising and then retelling the story in our books.

    Year 1 Latest News


    Year 1 Space Centre Visit

    The year one visit to the National Space Centre in Leicester was out of this world! We saw some real rockets, tested our reaction times, researched about different stars and planets, viewed the astronauts clothing and food and learnt about gravity. The visit was so much fun and as the photos suggest, the children were engaged and excited.​

    Our History Timelines

    In Year One we have been learning about the past. The children have been working in groups to come up with different events from the past.  From this information we have created class timelines for our corridor, which we may add to throughout the year.

    Fruit Kebabs

    To link with our healthy bodies topic in Science we spent a week planning, making, eating and evaluating a fruit kebab. We learned about healthy choices and how to plan a healthy snack. We spent time in the DT room washing and preparing the fruit before we create our kebabs. They were delicious!


    In art we have been focusing on printing and making patterns. We spent an afternoon using different vegetables and paint to print patterns onto paper. We ended up with very messy hands!

    Learning About The Five Senses

    This week Year 1 have been learning about the five senses during the afternoons. These are some of the activities we have been doing. We made listening hats for our sound walk. We used our sense of smell to identify different liquids. We made a feely board using different materials. 

    Sound Walk

    We have been learning about sound and using our sense of hearing to listen to different sounds. We went on a sound walk to find different sound sources around the school. We made listening hats to help us hear the different sounds. We heard doors closing, footsteps and phones ringing by the office. We heard birds tweeting, a fire engine siren and cars driving quickly outside. We heard children talking, pencils writing on paper and whistling in the classroom.

    Important Dates

    Spring Term

    • Thursday 17th January                                 Year 1 Space Centre Visit
    • Week Beginning 18th February Half Term           School Closed
    • Friday 8th March                                       Year 1 Interim Reports home
    • Tuesday 26th March                                    Parents Evening 4-6pm
    • Thursday 28th March                                  Parents Evening 5-8pm
    • Monday 8th April  - Monday 22nd April               Easter Holidays
    • Tuesday 23rd April                                     School Opens for Summer Term
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