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    The Wonderful World Of Roald Dahl

    Elm had an amazingly 'Phizz-Whizzing' day at the Roald Dahl Museum. The children were thoroughly engaged with the activities, particularly enjoying smelling the chocolate walls, dressing up as an RAF pilot (like Roald Dahl himself) and creating their own, new characters. We are looking forward to using some of our experiences to inspire our own stories!

    Year 2 Visit to Hazard Alley

    Year 2 had a great visit to ‘Hazard Alley’ in Milton Keynes where they encountered a range of ‘hazards’ to give them an opportunity to develop vital knowledge and strategies on how to stay safe and what to do in an emergency.

    Bee-Bots Are Let Loose In Oakgrove School

    Elm has been learning to program and debug Bee-Bots by directing them around the floor plan of Oakgrove School. We tried to program them to reach to different rooms, and if they did not make it, we corrected our coding to find a solution. We were so pleased when we found the solution! This was the part of our learning about the geography in and around Oakgrove school, with a computing twist!

    Flat Elm!

    We have really enjoyed reading our new class text 'Flat Stanley'. Here we are thinking about how we would feel if we were flat for the day.

    Important dates

    Autumn Term

    • Wednesday 10th January 2018 - Year 2 visit to Roald Dahl Museum
    • Monday 5th March - INSET Day
    • Tuesday 13th March and Thursday 15th March - Parents Evening
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