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    Reading Poems Aloud

    Year 4 have been learning to read poems aloud, following the pattern of the poem and making the expression clear. They learnt familiar poems from picture books linked to their ocean topic. After practising and sharing ideas about how to present their poems, they then visited our Foundation children and shared the books in small groups. Along with their speaking and listening learning, it was great to develop the children’s social skills, thinking about how to cooperate with younger children, helping them to enjoy the poems and to learn something about the ocean. 

    Year 4 were brilliant readers, answering the questions that Acorns and Chestnuts had about the ocean and asking their own questions about the books. It was really kind that they remembered to thank the Foundation children for listening well while they read. 

    Batik Patterns

    Year 4 have looked at batik patterns and explored wax-resistant methods. They planned their own designs on an Africa theme. Making their batiks has taken time: they made a template, applied their wax to the fabric and then added the dye. Watching the pictures appear with the dye was quite exciting and once they are dry, we can finish their work into wall hangings. 

    Year 4 Clarineo Lessons

    Year 4 have come a long way with their clarineo playing. From the starting point of learning to put the instrument together, they have progressed to learning to hold the clarineo correctly and make a pleasant sound. Everyone can now play a confident E and some of the children are working on pieces with E and D. I am really pleased with how well the children are working in teams to support each other. They’ve been learning that they can sometimes make more progress if they spend time listening to each other and taking their turn and they are able to give each other really positive feedback on how to improve. 

    Circuit Building

    As part of their electricity topic, Year 4 have been learning to explore circuits. They are all confident that a complete circuit is needed if the electricity is going to flow. This week, they have made switches using various pieces of equipment so the circuit can be controlled without disconnecting it. Next week, they are going to try applying their skills to make a burglar alarm for their pencil cases. 

    Night Under Canvas

    Year 4 had a fabulous time at their Night Under Canvas. Lots of excited children returned to school on Friday evening, laden with bags and bedding for an overnight adventure on the school field. Before they had a hot dog tea, they enjoyed some highly competitive team games with Miss Nouch and Mr Snowdon and a few rounds of Splat. After tea, everyone laid out their beds and then they played some indoor games and got tied up in knots trying to sing the Thumbs Together song at our indoor campfire.

    When everyone was totally worn out, the children got ready for bed and listened to the next chapter of Pinocchio. They found their tents by torchlight, settled down and went to sleep. In the morning, they packed up their beds in time for breakfast. Pancakes were much enjoyed, as was toast and cereal. There was time for a quick game before everyone was picked up for a hopefully lazy day recovering at home!

    Well done Year 4! We look forward to taking you away again in May. 


    As part of their volcanoes project, Year 4 have been experimenting with hot colours and contrasting cold colours. They looked at controlling colours using black and white to make different shades. Once they had experimented with colours, pupils planned a painting titled ‘Hot’ and enjoyed mixing their colours to make their designs. It was pleasing to see good focus on our art work and lots of children were proud of their final piece. 

    Water Cycle

    Year 4 have been learning about the water cycle. They have read and written explanations of how the water changes state and moves around in a continuous cycle. In Science, they created a model with hot water which evaporated and then condensed at the cold clouds. The photos show them watching carefully for the first signs of precipitation from the clouds. Once we had had a chance to watch the water changing state, the children learnt a song to help remember the key words from their learning. 

    Fantastic Start To The New Year In Year 4

    Year 4 have had a great start to the year.  They have all settled in really well to the routines and expectations of Year 4.  The children have been really successful in their independant topic sessions and have show that they are great learners who are keen to try new things. They are also enjoying learning about volacanoes, which is their topic for this half term.  

    We’re looking forward to our rescheduled Night Under Canvas, which will be a good opportunity for us to practise our teamwork and resilience skills. 

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    Spring Term

    • Week Beginning 18th February Half Term           School Closed
    • Wednesday 6th February at 2.45pm                 Maple Clarineo Presentation
    • Friday 8th March                                       Year 4 Interim Reports home
    • Wednesday 13th February at 2.45pm                 Linden Clarineo Presentation
    • Tuesday 26th March                                    Parents Evening 4-6pm
    • Thursday 28th March                                  Parents Evening 5-8pm
    • Monday 8th April  - Monday 22nd April               Easter Holidays
    • Tuesday 23rd April                                     School Opens for Summer Term
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