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    Academic - Introduction

    The curriculum at Oakgrove School reflects our view that all students should have a broad and balanced education. We believe that the programme at Oakgrove School builds effectively upon progress at the primary stage and is suitably challenging for all students. Specialist teachers ensure that all national curriculum subjects are covered and that links between, and across, subjects are carefully explored. We believe that students come to school to learn and that the learning experience should be exciting and enjoyable with each student working to the full limit of their abilities.

    An important part of our work are Oakgrove Shuffle Days, where students have the opportunity to explore topics in more depth and choose areas which interest them. Connections are made across the different subjects to ensure that the curriculum is experienced as an organised whole rather than a series of separate subjects being taught independently. We incorporate the latest research into methods and styles of learning into all of our work and this is a particular focus in tutorials and Values and Ethics lessons.

    All subjects identify opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness within their programmes of study and there is a strong focus on literacy and numeracy across the curriculum, not just in English and Mathematics.

    Our Values and Ethics programme is a highly structured and comprehensive course covering much more than the traditional personal, social, and health education. It embraces environmental awareness, theories on learning, citizenship education and much more. The weekly themes of Values and Ethics lessons are reflected in the school’s assembly topics.