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    Attendance is crucial to the success of any student at Oakgrove. Any absence from school will impact on students' progress. The current percentage of attendance for Oakgrove School is:

    Primary and Nursery - 95.2%

    Secondary - 95.7%

    There is a strong connection between attendance and achievement at school. Of pupils who miss more than 50% of school only 3% manage to achieve five or more GCSEs at grades 9 - 4 including Maths and English. 73% of pupils who have over 95% attendance achieve five or more GCSEs at grades 9 - 4.

    If your child is not attending today or you need information on school absence link below.

    absence information

    Time and pressures of everyday life sometimes make it difficult to remember to do all those important little jobs including calling us when you child is not able to be in school. Therefore to help make the process as easy and efficient as possible for parents, below there is a list of ways you can contact us for absences.

    Please contact us as early as possible on the day of absence, preferably before 9.00am. When contacting us about absence please include:

    Student Name and Tutor Group (if known)

    Reason for Absence – include a brief description especially if illness as we like to monitor any potential illness trends

    Text:07860 097184 - This is only for use when contacting about your child’s absence from school. If you save the number on your mobile as ‘Oakgrove Absence’ it will automatically come up if we are trying to contact you for this reason.

    Telephone: - 01908 545300 (Select Option 1) – This puts you through to the absence line where you can speak with Mrs Williams, our Attendance Officer, or leave a short message. All messages are constantly checked and collected throughout each day. or Please include the information above just as you would when leaving a message.

    For certain absences, such as medical appointments either at the GP or hospital we ask for documentary evidence in line with our attendance policy and Local Authority guidelines. We reserve the right to refuse authorisation of an absence should we consider them to be unnecessary.

    When contacting your child’s tutor or learning co-ordinator please ensure you also contact the absence line. Without doing so can result in a delay in the information reaching our Attendance Officer. Similarly, all notes need to be sent or shown to Student Services promptly as delays could activate an absence message being sent to you before the information is relayed.

    Contact Information

    It is important we have your correct contact details as we can only receive text messages from parent/carer mobile numbers that have been verified.

    Please ensure all the telephone numbers and email addresses with have for you are correct. This is also vital in case, on the odd occasion, we need to contact you in an emergency.

    If you need to make any changes please contact the school with your details or ask your child to collect a ‘change of details’ form from Student Services.

    leave of absence requests

    Whilst we appreciate the difficulty in planning a holiday and the costs involved when choosing when to go, holidays should not be booked or taken during term time. In line with our Local Authority any holiday taken of 5 days or more will incur a Fixed Penalty Fine unless there are exceptional circumstances and you must provide evidence of this with your request

    Please remember if you are taking your child out of school for a religious event, weddings etc. it is also important you complete a ‘Leave of Absence’ Form or ask your child to collect one from Student Services and inform us as early as possible of the dates.

    Without advance notice or lack of communication it could create a safeguarding issue should your child be absent without the school’s knowledge especially if you are unavailable to contact for several days.

    A copy of the Leave of Absence form is available on our website (see link below), from our Reception and Student Services.


    Parents will be receiving a notification via email each day their child is late to school, unless there is an accompanying note in their planner or we are advised in advance of the reason. This is to give a clear picture to parents when their child may be struggling to get in on time. In relation to this any student who is late after the register is closed is classed as missing school without a valid reason and marked as unauthorised. If several occurrences are recorded this could result in a Fixed Penalty Fine being issued by the Local Authority. A warning letter will be sent in advance so parents/carers have the opportunity to address the punctuality issues before it goes any further.

    This will not affect anyone who is late due to a medical appointment but we will need proof of the appointment, such as a hospital letter or an appointment card for Dentist and GP appointments.

    medical information

    While we understand most hospital appointments are pre-booked and you are not able to change them, please ensure when making general appointments for GP’s and Dentist’s that the appointment is as close to the start of the school day or the end of the school day as possible. We will expect any student with a local medical appointment to attend school after the appointment (if in the morning) and before the appointment (if later in the day). Please provide evidence of the appointment such as a medical appointment card or a copy of your appointment letter.

    A student should not need to miss a whole morning, afternoon or day for general appointments.