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    Attitude for Learning (AFL)

    The Attitude for Learning of students at Oakgrove is crucial to their success. The school utilises praise for success but also challenges those aspects of student behaviour which would slow their progress. One of the keys to Oakgrove’s high standards of behaviour is our stamp system. It offers the opportunity for students to succeed and be rewarded for that success, as well as sharing with parents their child’s successes and/or areas for focus.

    Students can achieve Merits and Commendations for many different types of positive behaviours from very good classwork to volunteering in the community. These will be recorded in the student planner on the appropriate pages. Students will also receive a stamp from each lesson if they have met the expectations we have of all students both in and out of lesson time. Rewards are awarded throughout the academic year and for a variety of reasons.

    Equally, behaviours not in keeping with a positive attitude for learning are addressed with the appropriate code being noted in the planners, so you as parents can be fully informed of all aspects of your child’s progress at Oakgrove. This information, plus much more, can also be accessed through the SIMS Parent App for tablet and smartphone devices.

    A code can be added for not bringing the correct equipment (E), lateness for lessons (L), not handing in or poor quality homework (H1/H2), mobile phone out or heard in school (P) and poor standard of uniform (U). Behaviour in lessons is also coded and has a sliding scale dependent on the issue that has arisen (B1-B5). Each of these codes carries a points value and some carry an appropriate consequence.

    Depending on the total number of points accrued over a week then a report may be issued, with the aim of helping the student refocus on positive behaviours, whilst informing all parties of their progress.

    The school also has a Behaviour and Guidance Room which is used to help students reflect on issues that have arisen whilst learning away from their usual classroom environment.

    Oakgrove’s ideals of excellence, innovation and respect are embedded throughout the Attitude for Learning system. We strive for excellence, whilst innovating when possible, but always with mutual respect between staff and our learning community of students. We praise whenever possible and aim to improve wherever improvement is needed.