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    Equality And British Values At Oakgrove

    At Oakgrove School diversity is something we think should be celebrated, a combinationof staff and students make-up up our own ‘Diversity Committee’ which is supported by a designated Governor (Carol Howells) and led by a member of SLT (Samantha Watson).

    Celebration and education events are calendared throughout the year to promote equality and teach about the various aspects of life in Modern Britain. The school complies fully with the Equality Act (2010) and has; a Single Equality & Non- Discriminatory policy; Radicalisation and Extremism Policy; Preventing and Dealing with Racist Incidents; and a Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural Policy;  incorporating the relevant public sector equality objectives (include links to each Policy attached)

    British Values form an integral part of or school and underpin our practice both in the classroom and the wider community. Throughout the curriculum and our assembly programme we explore concepts of spirituality and respect. This allows us to develop student’s knowledge, understanding and tolerance of other beliefs. Morals, values and ethical dilemmas are explored through our Values and Ethics lessons (V&E) and students are encouraged to consider their opinions and develop reasoning and debate skills. As a school we recognise that it is part of our role to challenge extremist views and safeguard our students against radicalisation and we feel that educating both staff and students is a powerful weapon against this.